Cliff Shuler Auctioneers & Liquidators, Inc.


NOTE:  We do not charge a Buyer’s Premium  (or as we call it- a Penalty)

  • On-Site Auctions (your home or business)-Commission plus expenses- Budget will be designed specifically for you. You will know costs before signing contract. Contracts are required by FL law.
  • Items Delivered to our compound to be sold Online- Selling for over $20.00  per item = 15%
  •     Items delivered - Selling for $20.00 & under = 30%
  • Unique & unusual items delivered to us with Auctioneer approval. By appointment.

    Other items will remain on your site & must be together, in one area. Items that you are keeping must be removed from this area. On-site live preview at your location will be scheduled. We will assist in advising you how to lot items-example: put 2 boxes together, bundle up yard tools or Auction in large or bulk lots. Please unwrap your items/china, etc. Please bring to our attention any specific items(s) that you feel may be unique. We do NOT accept clothing (unless Vintage or new with tags), old style TVs, furniture that is stained/ripped/worn/press wood, mattresses/box springs, used bed sheets, items that are damaged, and items that are not operable.

  • *We do NOT remove or depose of Trash & non-saleable items (chemicals, mattresses, broken items, clothing,pressboard furniture-as examples)from property.

  • Cars, Trucks, Boats, Trailers Selling for $1,000.00 delivered here & up = 10%
  • Cars, Trucks, Boats, Trailers Selling for under $1,000.00 = 12%
  • Picked up & stored in our outside lot: Minimum $100.00 per hr tow fee & $25.00 per hr due at time of pick up.

  • Real Estate under $5,000.00 = 12%
  • Real Estate over $3,000.00 (Please call for rates & on-site Auction info) = 8%
plus any individual expenses if applicable. Please call to discuss options.

Please call for information on On-Site Auctions

  • YES! - You can now consign personal property and real estate and have the proceeds go to your favorite charitable organization. Such as: Boys & Girls Club of Central Florida, Joe's Club, Salvation Army, Special Olympics, St. Jude’s, Churches, YMCA Building Fund, etc. You will receive a copy of the Auction sales receipt for tax deductions!

  • $150.00 Reserve Fee, due with signed contract, on each item with Reserve or Minimum Bid, with Auctioneer’s approval, plus Commission. (Real Estate will vary). If item does not sell at Auction however sells within 30 days from Auction to any registered Bidder and/or as a result of our signage, advertising, social media or any promotion, full commission is due to Auction Company.

  • Timeshares -we only sell for Federal Bankruptcy Court-Sorry.

  • All titles must be signed and on hand at time of delivery of item.

  • Vehicle, Equipment that may not sell, including vehicle titles, can be picked up 48 hours after the last item is sold.

  • Checks ready for mailing 14 business days from Auction! Along with detailed report. Due to Office hours all checks are mailed.

  • Please call us with any questions.321-267-8563;

Please contact office for information on On-Site Auctions as rates differ. 321-267-8563.